It’s that time of year again!

It affects everyone, whether they know it or not. School is back in session meaning long morning treks and even longer journeys home.

You forget what time you should actually leave your house and end up being late every day of that first week, but it’s okay because the boss is too.


Those 20 minutes extra are long lost, but are you making the most of them during the Summer?

The sun is shining, you have extra time to get to work, but what do you do with it? Just lying in bed is the worst thing you can do.

It makes it harder to get back into routine when September comes around and if you lie in bed longer you’ll only feel drowsier when you really get out of bed.

5 things that you could do with those 20 minutes instead are:

  1. Get yourself energised with a quick morning stroll, have a nosy and see what your neighbours are up to.
  2. Have a pamper and give yourself a face mask during your morning routine, it will have you looking radiant all Summer.
  3. Read a chapter of your Summer reading book, or maybe just a few pages… at least by a new book and pretend to try.
  4. Take time to reconnect with family and friends by giving them a call or sending a text.
  5. Give yourself extra time in the evening by prepping your dinner for when you get home

Alternatively, just keep snoozing your way through those extra minutes in the morning.

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