Become a Towpath Taskforce Volunteer

There are many new comers to Stoke-on-Trent every year, whether as a University student, via a new job or a plain old relocation, but how do all those people learn more about the place where they now live?

According to between 2016 and 2018 Stoke-on-Trent’s population increased by just under 130,000. Many people who are new to an area struggle with finding a way to fit into their new community.

With volunteering programs such as Towpath Taskforce, it is a great way to socialise, make new friends, learn more about the area you live in and make a difference by helping people improve the community.

The Taskforce completes a variety of different maintenance tasks along the canal. These include lock painting, fencing, litter picking and general clean up to help ensure that the canals are safe and in a working condition.

Narrow boat owner Megan states “Making sure the locks around the canal routes are in good condition is really important, otherwise boats can get stuck and it causes lots of problems along the whole canal”.

The Canal and River Trust state that there are over 35,000 narrow boats commanding the waters of canals and rivers in England and Wales. This makes the work of the Towpath Taskforce that much more important, as it takes the strain off the Canal and River Trust staff who can then use their specialist training for specific tasks.

Throughout Staffordshire is the Caldon Canal and volunteering coordinator John Keaveny (07484 913 049) is the person to contact if you want to help Staffordshire’s boating community. The usual meeting time for this group is on Tuesday’s between 10am and 1pm, a quick phone call to John is advised so he knows to expect you with the group and to let you know where they will be working.

More information can be found on the volunteering pages at

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